Elisa Morales
Elisa Morales


About Me


I studied International Business in undergrad and interned at multiple nonprofit organizations (World Vision, Empowering Lives International, Walk in the Light) with the intent to work in International Development. Despite having intern experience, finding a paid opportunity and breaking into the sector straight out of college was a challenge so I leaned into my business degree and embraced a management opportunity at Target.

Managing Target’s community programs at my store ultimately fueled my desire to pursue International Development but also explore the role business could play in creating social change. My journey eventually led me to graduate school at The Heller School for Social Policy at Brandeis University in Boston where I earned my Master of Business Administration and Master of Arts in Sustainable International Development.

During graduate school I had the opportunity to work in project management for Zana Africa and conduct my MBA consulting project for a social enterprise called 31 Bits. These experiences grew my interest in social enterprise and business as a force for good, which eventually led me to an opportunity at Social Enterprise Alliance.

After two years of building an expansive roster of partners as Strategic Partnerships Manager, I decided to branch off and pursue independent consulting and contract work. The intersection of business and social justice excites me and I want to use my education and experience to help organizations amplify their impact. My goal is to help businesses build social impact models that allow them to make a difference and create marketing strategies that tell the story of their impact.